horrorshow / adjective / very good, excellent; "cool". Origin: "horrorshow" is the phonetic spelling of Russian word 'Khorosho' meaning "excellent." Entered Western pop culture with the 1960S' book A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess and the film adaptation directed by Stanley Kubrick.

My friend Laura plays under the name Strange Lipsticks and the music is nothing short of gorgeous. The original by Blink182 is something I would actively turn off, which is rare with any music, but I adore her version!

It’s been difficult for me to get really behind many indie/DIY/nosuccessyet-type musicians in a long time and it is usually out of that kind of underground camaraderie, but Strange Lipsticks really excites me! Its the first time in a long time that I really really want to see someone small perform live!

Strange Lipsticks can be found here

Laura tumbl’s at thesecakes

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